Weight Loss
Have you been trying to loose weight ?

There are thousands of programs, centers, medicines in the market. Each one proclaims that theirs is the best and easy How do you decide and how long do you wish trying different things?

Chances are there that you must have tried at least 3-4 times and did not get the desire result in form of weight loss was momentarily and gained back or did not even loose even after starving or staying Hungry.

And what about the side effects ?
Keeping all these questions in mind we have created a simplest and easiest formula which is herbal and neutral program. which will make you loose weight and inches slowly but surely and without Starving.

If you follow protocol set by us chances are that you loose probably between 1-6 pounds a month and no starving or diet. once weight loose stays steady there even after just following lifestyle and diet change.

That`s not all ! Each program is custom made to take care of your other health issue so not only weight loss but you can feel better in other illness or any specific condition.

If you think this program can help you then contact us and we will help you to Live Life Without Limits.

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ravipaneri@drpaneri.com , ravipaneri1@gmail.com

Below are the two video testimonial where patients have successfully lost weight.
Other Weight Loss Results
  • Kiron ( Malaysia)- 7 kg in 2 months
  • Jigisha-11 Kg in 3 months
  • Anu ( Singapore )- 2 kg in a month and 2 inch loss
  • Mrs Govind ( Singapore ) 3 kg
  • Pria ( India) 5 kg and 2.5 inch loss in 45 days and Acidity cured she says thank u doctor for all the help and advice u have given me its ended in such amazing results that its unreal...i feel like a new person all together ...and esp no crash dieting at all i have been eating healthy like u told me and its been really amazing...u r the best doc...
  • Mansi ( India) 5 kg and 2 inch loss in a month
  • Kaushal ( India ) 10 kg in 40 days
  • Meera ( India) 5 kg in a month

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Alopecia ( Hairfall )

Hi, My daughter Moksha suddenly started losing hair in a big spots in scalp area. We were very scared. We got reference of Dr Ravi Paneri

Weight Loss

I have lost nearly 11 kgs of weight and still reducing. Thank you.