Nadi Pariksha / Pulse Diagnosis
Naadi parkisha or Pulse diagnosis as the name suggests to diagnose the body through pulse.

Its very ancient and non invasive diagnostic tool to examine the body and find any imbalance of the body The capability to diagnose the body through pulse is very rare as very few doctors are able to diagnose through pulse and we at Sharma clinic are very expert in Pulse diagnosis.

The Process- Ayurvedic doctor will hold the patients wrist and place finger on the wrist. Index finger placed below the radial styloid and middle and ring finger are place next to the index finger. An Ayurvedic doctor will hold pulse for a minute or two and thereby able to know balanced and imbalanced dosha and intensity of imbalanced dosha.

Further to that Ayurvedic Doctor will ask you question, look at eyes, fingers , tongue and complete diagnosis.

Panchakarma Treatment
Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic Treatment Art For
  • Detoxification
  • Purification
  • Rejuvenation
  • It concludes of Five procedures
  • Vamana – Emesis
  • Virechana- Purgation
  • Basti- Enema
  • Nasya- Nasal drops
  • Raktamokshana- Blood letting
  • Shirodhara- Time 20 minutes to 45 minutes
  • Shiro means Head and Dhara means Liquid Pouring

  • It is one of ancient relaxation process in which the ayurvedic medicated oil is poured through a pot from a certain height for a specific time, continuously and rhythmically on scalp and forehead which stimulates AJNA CHAKRA (Third Eye).

    It is wonderful relaxation treatment for Migraine, Neurological disorder, Burnout, Depression and great stress reliever.
Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage

Its an ayurvedic therapeutic massage that is designed to nourish the tissues of body, relaxation and calmness to body muscles. Based on one s dosha a custom made massage oil is prepared
Advised for Neurological disorders, Arthritis, Aches and pains, Vata disorders
Time:- 40 Minutes to 1 Hour

Swedana- Steam

After the relaxing abhyanga patient is taken to Swedana chamber – Steam chamber where medication steam bath is given.
Its is wonderful process for detoxification


In this process nasal administration of specific herbal oils to clean and purify sinuses
It is very much indicated in chronic sinus, allergies, migraine, tinnitus , Hairfall etc.

Virechana - Laxatives

In this Ayurvedic detox process Laxatives are given to remove toxins from the body
Rakta Mokshana- In which blood letting is done by applying leaches which takes out impure blood from the particular infected body part.

Wellness Packages

We at Sharma Clinic not only specialised for treating illness but also on over all well being Ayurveda as a science of Life focuses on more on healthy lifestyle and diet based on one s dosha
Get your self evaluated and know which is your dosha type. Based on your dosha an Ayurvedic doctor will advise you for your general health and well being Just following the minimum changes in the diet and lifestyle you can get the maximum benefit That is why we provide different detox plans and special wellness packages.
Kindly inquire about the same

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