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Autism + Epilepsy

My Daughter Sneha was diagnosed with Autistic behaviour and Epilepsy since 3 years of age. She was taking allopathic medicine for 3 months with no relief and had to admit in hospital for one or other illness twice a month. Since 18 months we are under treatment of Dr Ravi Paneri and gladly say that she has improved in her Autistic behaviour by 60 percent and epilepsy too. She is feeling much better and only had to visit once in hospital in last 18 months.

Sneha Gajjar ( Ahmedabad)




First of all grateful for your kind nature and taking my incurable case. I was suffering from very bad psoriasis because of which i was living in agony and trauma. I have been on your herbal treament for over period of 6 months and I feel more than 80 percent recovery. Thanks once again.

Bhavesh ( East London , South Africa)




I was ill for about 3yrs with no relief from the medication I received from the doctors. In fact I was on cortisone and other drugs which worsened my condition. I was consulted by Dr. Ravi Paneri who treated me confidently and within 8 months I recovered almost completely. Thanks to Dr. Paneri that I am much better now.

Prabha Tiekam ( El, South Africa)



Chronic Stomach Ailments

I am much improved by Dr Paneri s herbal treament for my Chronic Stomach Ailments.

Mrs. Pandya (worked as High consulate)



Acidity and Psoriasis

My name is RAKHEE, I am 39 years old and live in Dubai. I am a patient to Dr Ravi Paneri for the past 4 month. I use to complains with regards to Acidity and Psoriasis but since I have been on Dr. Ravi's Ayurvedic medicines I have found substancial improvement in my health. I am thankful to have found him and am continuing the medication and hoping to cure myself completely.

Rakhee ( Dubai)



Arthritis, Chronic acidity and swelling in feets

I was suffering from bad Arthritis, Chronic acidity and swelling in feets. After 4 months of Dr Paneri s herbal treament I am able to walk properly, no acidity and no swelling.

Mrs Mohindra ( USA)


Auto Immune Pemphigus

I was suffering from this degnerated Auto Immune disease from last 3 years atleast. I had been to several doctors and often misdiagnosed with one or other disease. I have pemphigus in mouth creating Ulcers which doesnt go away as its chronic auto immune disease.

I was then treated by one of the best Skin specialist from Ahmedabad and was on Steroids 6 tabs per day and other several medicine.

Somehow I was not able to improve and had to admit in hospital once or twice in a year for different illness.

I was asked by one of family friend to get Consulted by Dr Ravi Paneri. He did the pulse diagnosis and said to cure the disease. We are under his treatment from last 14 months and Steroids intake has gone to only 1 tab per day from 6 tab and other medicine intake has stopped completely. More than that I have improved nearly 90 percent and did not admit in hospital since we started his Ayurvedic herbal treatment.

Mayuri Vinay Kayasth- ( Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India )



Leukoplakia ( Pre cancerous condition of Gums )

Was suffering from Leukoplakia from more than 4 years and was not able to eat chillies, spicy, sour and salty food and even sometime water was being difficult to swallow.

Had been to herbal, homoepaths, allopaths but whatso ever no improvement.

Had gone under Biopsy but docotors were reluctant to treat as to what they could not understand and able to treat.

We went to Dr Ravi Paneri and he did pulse diagnosis and we were surprised to know that this young doctor said to cure me in exactly in span of one year and not more than that. Infact

We only took treament for one year and he stopped my medication saying you are cured now and now I am able to eat and live my life with all happiness.

Nayana Soni ( Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India )


Ulcerative Colitis and Depression

I dont know how to say as I was living like died person. I was suffering from UC from last 20 years and my weight was only 39 Kgs. My condition was so chronic I was physically as well as mentally was not well. I had depression, anxiety, migraine and other diseases too. I have been under treatment of Dr Ravi Paneri and after 16 months of treatment I am more than 60 percent recovered and I feel alert mentally, I laugh now, I feel happy, I feel just like normal person. Now my weight is 54 kgs. I am able to eat and digest too. I sincerely owe my life to you Doctor.

Sanjay Patel - Age 43 ( Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India )


Ulcerative colitis

was suffering from Ulcerative colitis from last 3 years and I was under treatment with renoun Gastro Enterologist. I was improved with his chemical medicine but not cured and occasional bleeding in stool. I was fond of eating junk and high calorie food. However I went to Dr Paneri and he cured me in span of 6 months and on the 3rd day of his herbal medicine my bleeding was stopped completely and I am better now

Ankit, ( Working as a Bank Manager, Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India )




My son Hitesh was suffering from Epilespy since he was born as he was weak and got fever. Since that he was on western medicine and he used to get attacks once or twice in a month. Today he is 17 years old and we took herbal treament provided by Dr Paneri. We have been under his guidance and care since 14 months and I would proudly say that in 14 months of herbal treatment he only got Epileptic attack twice . So frequency has gone down from two attacks to two attacks in 14 months and other systemic illness is cured. He seems more focused and intelligent now. Thank you Doctor.

Parent of Hitesh ( Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India )



Low Platelet counts, Thyroid

I am under treament of Dr Ravi Paneri. My platelet count used to be low even after trying all sort of available treatment. In 5 months of his herbal treatment my Platelets are back to normal and I have improved in Thyroid as well.

My Platelets were below 40000 and now it is 4 66 000

Pooja Ranpara ( Rajkot,Gujarat,India )



I was suffering from very bad Psoriasis from my head to toe and no single spot was empty in body which had no psoriasis spot. I took Dr Paneri s herbal treament with pure faith and followed his strict diet and regimen. I am totally cured in 6 months. Its like I have got new birth.

Janak Chokshi



Psoriasis and Asthama

I am under treatment since 6 months and I have improved in both conditions..

Ila Davda ( Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India )


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