Mrs S- From Vienna, Austria- Disease- Skin Pigmentation

I tried Dr Ravi Paneri s skin treatment and I got cured completely. No one in Austria could help me

Mr H- USA - Disease- Auto Immune disease and Skin disease

Dr. Ravi Paneri, First of all, I really do not have words to express my feelings after getting cured from your Ayurvedic treatment. I was living under astringent mental pressure because of the skin disease. I was having white spot on my hand which looked like But when I went to 'Community Dermatology' , the doctor performed some test. And he found that it is not something he could identify But he was shocked because he said that he had never seen this kind of disease in 25 years of his career. So I was about to get fainted. That situation put me in the state of trauma. Then I did some research on internet. And I found you. After checking the photos of spot, you had send me some medicine. You challenged me that the spot will disappear within 1 month. I was baffled at the first glance. I thought that it is impossible. But I got shocked on 10th day. The spot had completely disappeared. You truly have changed my life. Now I can focus on my work. So I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Mr Dr S - USA- Motor Neuron Disease

I am Physician in USA and I was diagnosed with MND, I was well aware of all the side effects of western medicine and so I was reluctant to start chemical medicine. I heard a lot about Dr Ravi Paneri and his expertise in Motor Neuron diseases with Ayurveda. On my visit I consulted him and took herbs from him. I am very glad I have found him and my improvement is more than 40 percent so far. I highly recommend Him


Mrs L- USA- Lactose Intolerance

Since born my child suffered from Lactose Intolerance I have taken Dr Ravi Paneri s Ayurvedic treatment and since then my daughter never had any rashes or lactose intolerance. Thanks to Ayurvedic medicines and Dr Ravi Paneri


Mr V- Spain- Prostatitis and Hypertrophy of Prostate

Hello my name is Victor Omedes and I was born in Spain…. In my thirties I was told to have prostate enlargement and although I followed a few treatments no one helped me much. A friend told me about Dr. Ravi and I have been taking his medicine for 6 months. Although my condition is not totally over, I feel confident that my improvement now is beyond 60%. It is a very good herbal medicine One has to be regular in taking those tablets for the treatment be effective.. Now I feel I should go ahead with Dr. Ravi´s medicine and try to recover my health totally.



Mrs A- USA- Sever Arthritis + Fibromylagia

I have taken Dr Ravi Paneri s Ayurvedic treatment for my fibromyalgia and Arthritis. I took his treatment for nearly 7 months and I am more than 80 percent recovered . I am working as a banker and my work often requires great amount of travelling. I am thankful to Dr Ravi Paneri for making me better.

Meena – Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


Mrs P- South Africa- Arthritis + Weight loss

Its like as if mircale has happend to me. I feel myself again . I was having severe aches and pains and many health issues. I used to take many chemical medicine inspite of the fact it was not helping me that much and were causing side effects. Just after taking Dr Ravi Paneris Ayurvedic treatment I have lost much weight , my aches and pains have gone and I stopped taking western medicine. I highly recommend Ayurveda and Dr Ravi Paneri



Mr B- South Africa- Psoriasis

I am completely cured in Psoriasis using Dr Ravi Paneris treatment. Althought he did put me on very stict diet and regimen



Miss M- United Kingdom- Emphysema

Dr Ravi Paneri is the only existed in the world who has helped me getting rid of Emphysema, Breathlessness. No matter whatever the name of the disease try out his medicine for once and I am sure you will be amazed. He is just fantastic

Bhavesh ( East London , South Africa)



Mrs P- South Africa- Acidity, Heartburn, Indigestion

I am regularly taking Dr Ravi s Ayurvedic treatment for my Acidity and heartburn and I am doing excellent since then.



Mr F- Australia- Emphysema , COPD

I have been taking Dr Ravi Paneri s treatment for more than 2 months for my Emphysema and it helped me a lot in reducing my mucous and cough. He is also treating my wife for Motor Neuron disease and she is also doing quite better.


Alopecia ( Hairfall )

Hi, My daughter Moksha suddenly started losing hair in a big spots in scalp area. We were very scared. We got reference of Dr Ravi Paneri and in four months of his herbal remedies the spot is cured and all hairs are back. Deep Gratitude to Dr Ravi.

Patient Name: Moksha -15 years. Ahmedabad


I was suffering from Bad Psoriasis. No doctor wanted to treat me as my condition was so worse and was from head to toe. Doctors wanted to put me on steroids but thanks god herbal medicine and expert talent of Dr has saved my life.I took nearly 6 months of herbal treatment with Dr Ravi Paneri and I am completely better now.

Janak Chokshi - Age 28 years, Ahmedabad


Body Growth

My daughter Brinda is 4 and half years of age. Since she was growing up in age we noticed that she was not able to grow in Height compare to her age. We checked with doctors here and they said there is no cure exists in medical science and her growth hormones produces but becomes dead. We were so clueless and was referred to Dr Ravi Paneri through one of his patients and we were very much hopeful . He checked my daughter and took the case. After 3 months of his Ayurvedic herbal treatment my daughter has grown in height and as well as her Liver enlargement , skin complexion and has become more active mentally. Her Liver enlargement was also not cured with any doctors but he cured it in 2 months of treatment. We are happy to have his expertise and hope more people to get benefited

Patient Name: Brinda Patel – Age 4 and half


Vericose veins and venous Insufficiency

My name Suresh M shah Age 78 from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. I was suffering from Vericose veins and blockage of veins in legs. Because of that I was not able to move and walk even 5 steps. It was getting worse and painful for me day by day. It all started in 2010 December. I saw few doctors as well neurologist . I took their treatment for 1 and half year but still I was not able to improve in gait and pain. I wanted to try Ayurveda as an alternative and since 7 months I been regularly taking herbs given by Dr Ravi Paneri. I feel so much relief now and can walk 1500 steps or say 30 minutes without any pain and I stopped taking western medicine. I am only taking Dr Paneri s medicine and I feel much better.

Suresh M shah


Venous Blockage , Veriocse veins, Venous Insufficiency

Previously I had taken herbs from Dr Ravi Paneri for my Chronic stomach illness so I was sure that Dr would cure me out of my Venous disease. It started suddenly in March 2012 and I was not able to walk for 5 minutes. I saw doctors and they did Doppler venography They said one of the valve in brain does not work and that’s how blood does not flow and circulate properly. They said me to go for surgery. I was not sure and was not convinced. I came back to Dr Paneri and in 2 months of treatment pain is gone by 90 percent and I feel completely alright and He saved my life and got rid of me from Painful surgical operation.

Prakash, Age 37 years – Ahmedabad, India



Arthritis+ Weight loss+ Hyper Acidity

I have been taking Dr s herbs for more than one year and I feel improved in all above condition and I lost nearly 12 kgs of weight. Feel like getting back to me.

Meena – Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


Weight loss

I have lost nearly 11 kgs of weight and still reducing. Thank you.

Jigisha Soni, Age 35 years – Ahmedabad



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Alopecia ( Hairfall )

Hi, My daughter Moksha suddenly started losing hair in a big spots in scalp area. We were very scared. We got reference of Dr Ravi Paneri

Weight Loss

I have lost nearly 11 kgs of weight and still reducing. Thank you.